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About Me

About Me


HELLO!  I am Drew, the guy behind Scrap Media.  I believe in people, and I believe everyone should love whomever they want to love. LOVE IS LOVE. Telling stories and creating nostalgic moments for wonderful people might be the best job in the world.  I get to seize these amazing experiences with people who are willing to share their intimacies and vulnerabilities. Experience above all.


My job is to tell your story through moving images and music. I want to make you FEEL something.  Every single  film I've created for a couple is designed specifically for them. In order for me to tell a couple's story, I need to understand who they are and where they came from.  Meeting people and experiencing this extraordinary moment with you is why I love what I do.  It's all about the people I meet and the experiences that have shaped me.  Let me tell your story.  I'd absolutely love to hear from you.  


Wedding Films



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Nikki and Daivd


Esther and Max

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Jacque and Nick


Rachel and Ross


Danielle and Simon

Let's talk

I am based in Orange County, but can travel anywhere!

Please say hello, I always love connecting with people.  I have a base package but can also make custom ones as well, so please reach out and let's chat!


Thanks so much for taking the time to fill this out! 

I can't wait to chat


Morgan and Will

"Mornings are for coffee and contemplation."