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Real , Simple  And   Honest  Films

My wife always gets a little upset with me when the pictures I take of our kids don't have them smiling perfectly at the camera.  They're usually laughing at each other or in their own world.  To me, these types of pictures are my favorite.  I want my kids to be themselves, truly comfortable to be who they are while I capture their pure hearts.  I feel the same about weddings.  Things will not go as planned; the flower girl refusing to walk down the aisle, the best man forgot his pants, one guest getting knocked out by another guest (witnessed all of these).  But it's OKAY if things don't go as planned.  It's a wedding day full of emotionally charged and beautiful people.  We need to roll with it.  Whatever happens, happens (as the photographer Daniel Kim would say). And that's where the beauty lies.  When people are completely themselves.  And in the present moment.  That is where the magic happens. THOSE moments, are the moments I look for.

About Me



Hi there!  I'm Drew Wyman and I began as an assistant videographer shooting weddings  for another video production company back in 2016.  After my very first wedding, after 10 hours of shooting I said to myself  "I don't know how anyone does this consistently.  That was miserable."  6 years later, it's hard for me to believe I even muttered those words.  Weddings have become such an important part of my life.  Firstly, I am a father and husband.  Next, I am a videographer.  Weddings are amazing.  The most important part of this entire process for me is getting to know my couples.  Having this experience with two beautiful people who are in love, and me getting to be let in on the inside, and understand the family's nuances is mind blowing.  We are instantly old friends is what it truly feels like.  I tell myself daily how lucky I am to have found this job.

Wedding Films

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Nikki and Daivd


Esther and Max

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Jacque and Nick


Rachel and Ross


Danielle and Simon

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I am based in Orange County, but can travel anywhere!

Please say hello, I always love connecting with people.  I have a base package but can also make custom ones as well, so please reach out and let's chat!


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Morgan and Will

"Mornings are for coffee and contemplation."