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California Based Documentary Wedding Videographer


Naturally, I am an observer.  Growing up I was very shy and quiet.
People would literally forget I was ever there :)
I somehow found that has helped me in my work today.
I enjoy the in between and authentic moments during a wedding day.
The moments you really need to look for. 

Although now, I am not invisible. 

My goal is to feel like a guest as I capture your wedding.
The more I understand and observe from the "inside" the better your film will come together.

I recently picked up a Super 8 and 16mm camera and have become obsessed.

The imperfectness and messiness of it exemplifies what a wedding is; loose and free.  

I have 3 small kiddos aged 3 months to almost 5.  Yes, it is quite a busy household, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I wouldn't be the person I am today without their love and support.

Who Am I?

wedding videographer
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Weddings on Film

This past year I began shooting analog.  Documenting weddings on 16mm motion picture film has been nothing but inspiring.  The texture and colors from film are unmatched.  The instant nostalgic and timeless feel has grabbed a hold of me.  I only want to go deeper and learn more from this medium.  If you are interested in full wedding films on 16mm motion picture film or would like it spliced it with digital, please reach out.

Wedding Films


Claire & Nick

Natalia & Joe

Ella & Andrew

Nikki &

Brooke & Bacon

Molly & David

Love From Couples

Taylor & Jill

"We could not be more happy with the service and products of Drew and Scrap Media. To say that it blew us away is an understatement. The final products that drew sent us are amazing. They are the perfect mix of fun, emotional, loving and caring. He captured the absolute essence of our perfect day and we cherish the videos he carefully curated for us. We will love them for a lifetime. We look for any excuse to show them again and again.
Drew not only provided the highest quality videos but he was fun and energetic. He laid out exactly what his timeline was and was clear about all expectations yet still was very flexible when we asked for particulars. Again, I would recommend Drew for all of your videography needs. 10/10."

Get to Know Us

Drew Wyman is a Father, Artist, and Documentary Wedding Videographer based in Southern California.  He specializes in a photojournalistic, observant and calm approach to capturing weddings as they are and as they should be; honest and authentic.  

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