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Nikki and David  //  Palos Verdes, California  //  Private Residence

Nikki and David.  Where do I even begin?  I was approached by the incomparable Tory Smith from Smith + James about capturing their backyard wedding at Nikki's childhood home in Palos Verdes, California.  First off, to be able to have worked with the Smith and James team was an absolute dream come true, I cannot speak more highly of them and Tory.  Navigating through COVID is hard enough, so planning an incredible wedding and making sure to go through every single pre-caution during this tough time is even more impressive.

Nikki and David are pure joy.  Every time I look at their video and see them smile at each other, it makes me feel something.  It feels like there really is true love.  I've never seen two individuals so deep in love with one another.  The feeling was contagious.  I fell in love with the entire day; with the design, the florals, the backyard, the parents, the small amount of family that was there.  Everything.  I hope you can feel that love too while watching.


Full planning/design: Smith + James

Photography: Kristina Adams

Cinematography: Scrap Media

Florals: Plenty of Petals

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